Car Accidents

  • Were you recently injured in a car accident?
  • Has a family member been injured or killed due to a car accident?

In cities as big as Los Angeles, unfortunately, auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents can occur every day causing property damage, physical injuries and even death.

We can fight for your rights. Alejo Lugo is an auto accident lawyer who will handle every aspect of your case from beginning to end. We will fight for a large financial compensation, find you excellent doctors, repair shops for your vehicle, auto rental companies, and of course deal with insurance companies and the police, especially in cases involving injuries and or deaths.

We will evaluate your case at no cost to you and proceed to guide you through your physical and economic recovery.

Immediately after an auto accident, you may not know who to turn to for help. You may have suffered significant financial damage, significant personal injuries, perhaps you may no longer be able to return to work, provide for your family, in extreme cases, many people will regrettable never be able to return to their daily tasks. We believe this is completely unjust, especially when you are at no fault for the accident.

If you have suffered serious consequences for having been in a car, truck, or any other accident, you must take immediate action to protect your rights.
Alego Lugo offers you a strong defense with experience, professionalism and strategy to maximize compensation for your personal injury claims.

Why choose us?

  • We treat each case with professionalism
  • We fight to protect your rights
  • We get you the best medical treatment
  • We strive for maximum financial compensation
  • If we don’t win, we don’t charge!
  • We can visit you at your home or in the hospital at no cost to you
  • We work with any type of accident no matter what vehicle
  • Alejo Lugo is a well experienced auto accident attorney.

Call us as soon as possible to set up a free consultation and start protecting your rights!